Securities-Based Lending

Global Funding Enterprises offers exclusive Securities-Based loans, including non-transfer of title. If you possess a portfolio of securities, we can establish a flexible line of credit ranging from 70% to 90% of your portfolio's value. This line of credit is a genuine and versatile resource, enabling you to borrow according to your needs with no limitations. The funds can be employed for any purpose, offering unparalleled financial freedom.

Benefit from interest-only payments with low interest rates, potential tax advantages, and guaranteed approvals in only 3-5 business days. You retain ownership of the stock, and the dividends are paid to you. Additionally, you can sell the stocks in your portfolio if you replace them with securities of the same value.

You maintain complete control of your portfolio!
Key features of Securities-Based Lending:
  •  Revolving line of credit
  •  Variable or fixed rates
  •  Interest rates as low as 1.6%
  •  Loan to value ranging from 70-90%
  •  Client keeps ownership of the securities
  •  Limited documentation - No credit check or income verification
  •  No prepayment penalty
  •  Dividends paid directly to client
  •  Client retains 100% of portfolio appreciation
  •  Wide range of eligible securities
  •  Foreign securities accepted

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