Equipment Leasing

Leasing Solutions for Established Businesses

Approvals for modest-sized applications are typically processed within 24 hours, whereas larger ticket applications require 3-5 days. Our repayment plans extend up to 84 months, with excellent rates. Exclusive to companies with a history of 2 or more years in operation.
  • Leases under $250,000 only require an application
  • No financials required
  • Middle market financing up to $500,000
  • Large ticket leasing available for $500,000 and up

Sale & Lease Back Program

Numerous businesses require working capital to fuel growth and prefer to reserve their bank lines for other purposes. Our Sale & Lease Back program presents an innovative solution by leveraging the equity in your existing equipment. We will purchase your equipment, lease it back to you, and once you've fulfilled all the payments, return ownership to you.

New Business Startup Program

Most financial institutions are hesitant to provide financing for newly established companies. If your business was started within the last two years, we have equipment leasing options available to you.

Lower & Challenged Credit Scores

Many businesses have encountered financial hardships during these challenging economic times, causing significant damage to the owner's credit score. In response, we've introduced a "second chance" program tailored to assist such companies. Through this initiative, we can customize financial solutions to help you rebuild and restore your company.

Government & Municipal Leasing

We offer lease financing with guaranteed approvals for government and municipal entities. The interest rate is determined based on the municipality or government agency's rating. Our financing extends to various recipients, including Federal Government Agencies, Armed Services, State Agencies, Public Schools, Police and Fire Departments, and Libraries.

Benefits of Leasing Equipment

  • Leasing is the Right Choice!
  • Fixed Payments Throughout the Lease Term
  • Affordable Monthly Payments Without Capital Commitment
  • No Down Payments
  • Preserve Existing Lines of Credit
  • Avoid Obsolescence
  • Tax Benefits of Leasing vs Purchasing

According to recent surveys, 80% of U.S. businesses today, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to local family enterprises, opt for equipment leasing. As companies navigate the challenge of constrained cash flow while striving to expand their equipment inventory, leasing has emerged as the ideal solution. Leasing empowers you to harness equipment's potential, delivering tangible cash flow benefits without substantial capital outlay.

Unlike bank lines of credit, which often come with variable rates, lease payments remain fixed regardless of market fluctuations. Opting for leasing ensures you're shielded from abrupt surges in interest rates.

The monthly lease payment is typically lower than what other financing methods require. By choosing to lease, you can retain your business's cash reserves for unforeseen expenses and future needs or bolster working capital during periods of lower revenue.

Unlike many financing options that demand down payments as high as 35%, leasing encompasses the entire equipment cost, covering 100% of the expense. Typically, only one or two advance payments are necessary for most leases. This enables you to utilize the equipment while minimizing initial costs.

Leasing doesn't affect your bank credit lines, allowing you to preserve your borrowing capacity for other business ventures and opportunities.

Technology is evolving at an accelerated pace. What fulfills your business requirements today will likely become outdated in 3-5 years. Leasing provides the flexibility to stay competitive by keeping up with the latest technology and the ability to upgrade as needed.

Leasing equipment offers notable tax advantages for businesses. Lease payments are often treated as operating expenses, allowing for immediate deduction from taxable income. Additionally, these payments may be considered pre-tax business expenses, effectively lowering the overall tax burden.

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